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It seems you are confirming that the account selected here should actually be a liability account and NOT an expense account, which conflicts with the instructions given. Please comment on the fact that we are instructed to map an expense account to the liability function of the payroll item in step 4.

I don\’t think this is right! Tracking both liability and expense accounts is done separately and I can guide you on how to do it, schroder1. The liability account can be applied before you can take credit.

To do that, you\’ll have to do a few things first. You\’ll need to get a Quick Report to see the balances for the credit. Please follow the steps below. This is where your liability account is included. This was being mentioned in step 6. However, I still recommend reaching out to your accountant in choosing the appropriate accounts to use. For future reference, you\’ll want to read this article for more information: The IRS\’s page on Coronavirus tax relief.

Let me know if you have questions about the National Paid Leave setup. I\’ll be right here to answer you if there\’s something that you need help with. Thanks john-pero , I appreciate the background! I think just using the defaults is a good idea — I can\’t seem to get an acknowledgement from Intuit that there may be an error in the forum-published setup.

But does that work? So, I\’m back to the forum to add one, and that again lands me in \”weird settings\” territory. I don\’t know the details of how payroll items interact with tax reporting, but I think the Other Tax and Addition items here should at least map to the same expense account. MariaSoledadG thank you for your detailed response. Unfortunately we\’re still not there. I\’m not asking about how to pay the liability, or how to take the credit.

I\’m asking whether step 4. Again, QB warns me not to do it. QB items are by default set up by Intuit!

Occasionally someone on the \”QuickBooks Team\” even accidentally? Yet, your instructions tell me to do it. Your screenshots of the instructions and your and your colleagues\’ paraphrasing of the instructions amount to the same.

Look, I read the instructions — I know what they say and just linking, screenshot-ing, and repeating them doesn\’t answer my question. If you\’re trying to tell me that step 4. Please don\’t link me to any more helpful articles — just a Yes or No will be fine; I really don\’t want to waste any more of the QuickBooks Team\’s time typing up thoughtful sounding pleasantries. Otherwise tax liability for employee taxes and employer Medicare and and state and local must post to same payroll liability accounts as regular pay.

Taking the credit for eligible wages paid against your normal liability, which includes liabilities for leave pay, is a separate calculation for which you simply pay less than you would otherwise owe or file for the cash advance. The separate calculation of leave pay and credits is part of the revised form. Depending on if the IRS will treat this as they do PPP loan forgiveness your expense for paid leave might not be a deductible payroll expense, due to the credit possibly not counting as income, another reason it has to track separate.

I recall a long time ago seeing the credit created in QB but never needed it until now. How do you select something that does not exist? This is a great point, john-pero. This item isn\’t included by default but would have been created manually when setting up for Covid related expenses. This article has more detailed instructions on the initial setup: How to track paid leave and sick time for the coronavirus.

I want to hear if this works for you! Please let me know if you have additional questions on this, I\’m here to help! Just to be sure though — if the part where \”you can\’t select it\” is step 4. If this is true then it will appear as an Other Tax type payroll item probably at the very bottom. If it doesn\’t appear there either — then from what you\’re saying, it sounds like your National Paid Leave Credit item appeared and later disappeared on its own.

I am using payroll version , tax table version , and I still see that payroll item and others. Jessica, I don\’t think that\’s the whole story — these items list below were created by \”default\” at some point for me–and likely also for others. I didn\’t add them to my payroll item list; Intuit did. I don\’t think John manually created his, and later deleted it, and then forgot.

I had to add it manually using steps 3. You\’ll first need to figure out what pay leave type they fall under and their hourly rate. Then, set up your expense accounts and payroll and tax items for the paid leave. For the step-by-step guide, I\’d recommend checking out this article: How to track paid leave and sick time for the coronavirus. Additionally, you can utilize the Reset hours each new year option so the PTO hours will roll off at the end of You can learn more about this through this article: Set up and track time off in payroll QuickBooks Desktop Payroll section.

It includes details about changing time off and how to paid and unpaid policy. You\’re always welcome to let me know how it goes. Just click the Reply button below. Take care. I still have not gotten clarification on this and I don\’t feel anyone answered your concerns. I\’ve been going back and forth on this with a few clients and now that I\’m trying to file the \’s I don\’t feel confident in the calculations QB is transferring to the I had to manually apply the credit to reduce the payment but the Employer SS appears to not have been calculated correctly even though it is not checked in the item set up and I am showing a different amount that is due for the that I cannot figure out where this amount is coming from after I applied only the wage amount of the credit.

I thought I had it figured out but I am not so confident anymore. What accounts did you map to and did you have to manually apply your credit to your payment? Did it flow to your correct? You can pull up your Payroll Liabilities Balances report to identify the amounts and accounts reported on your quarterly form. Let me show you how. On top of that, here\’s an article you can read to learn more about your quarterly form is generated: How QuickBooks populates the ? Additionally, I\’ve got you this helpful article for guidance in preparation for the tax season: QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Year-end Checklist.

If there\’s anything else that I can help you with, please let me know by leaving any comments below. I\’ll be here to lend a hand. JonpriL Thanks for the info but sorry, you didn\’t answer the question. I am also struggling with this. I have followed the set up instructions and the Medicare Credit and Employer Health insurance cost flow to the Covid Expense Account.

Both the liability and the expense. I have been taking the total of the emergency sick leave wages, the employer Medicare credit and the employer health insurance as my National Paid Leave Credit when I pay the liabilities.

They\’ll be able to provide you the correct rate as well as choosing the right item that fits your business. You\’ll need to set up these items to ensure you\’re paying the employees since this is required under your state or local jurisdiction.

Also, these will be reported to your forms. This will provide you more details on how to use the federal tax credit as well as an article regarding Coronavirus tax relief. You can always get back to me if I can be of assistance while working in QuickBooks Desktop or if you have additional questions about creating a payroll item. I\’d be more than willing to lend you a hand.

Thank you for joining the thread, BCS To narrow down the result, I recommend scrolling the available choices again up and down to see the option. I\’m adding this screenshot for your visual reference. Just in case it\’s still missing from there, you can perform some basic troubleshooting steps to isolate the issue. I can guide you with the detailed process.

First, I recommend updating your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release to get the latest available features and fixes. Once done, get the newest payroll tax table in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to stay compliant with payroll items and paycheck calculations. You can use this article as your guide: Download the latest tax table in QuickBooks Desktop. On the other hand, here\’s an article you can read more about how to pay your employees\’ leave that was affected by COVID Track paid leave and sick time for the coronavirus.

If you have any other follow-up questions about setting up your payroll items in QBDT, please let me know by adding a comment below. I\’m more than happy to help. Cheers for more success! Hello there, LGBrewCo. Looks like you\’ve already done the steps on how to resolve the missing National Paid Leave Credit on the payroll item setup. This requires to be taken a closer look to investigate why you\’re not seeing the said option. Feel free to visit our QuickBooks Help Articles page for more insight s about managing your business in your software.

Let me know how things work out. I\’ll be right here to help if you need more help with creating a backup or with QuickBooks. Take care! The only thing is shows up as a payroll liability on our balance sheet like we owe that liability and is a running total from You can also refer to this page: How to track paid leave and sick time for the coronavirus for instructions and detailed steps. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank.

Turn on suggestions. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Connect with and learn from others in the QuickBooks Community. Join now. Accepted Solution: You\’re on the right track.

Go to the Payroll Liabilities tab and enter the National Paid Leave Credit and the amount of the tax liabilities you qualify for based on the Payroll Item Detail Report you created. You\’ll need to enter the amount of the credit as a negative amount. If your tax liability is less than the credit amount, the credit can be used in subsequent payroll liability payments. Select To be printed if you want to print the check.

If you used a handwritten check, enter the check number or other reference in the NO. You can re-run the QuickReport to see the difference in the liabilities credit you are still able to claim if your credit was larger than your liability.

This is an automated email. Please do not reply directly as you will not receive a response. Thanks for joining in this conversation, brookedegnan.

I appreciate you for following the instructions posted by ADL You use a Cash basis when a certain transaction is paid on the same day.

Otherwise, use the Accrual basis regardless if the transaction is paid or not. Check out the image below:. Please note that this action will revert to the default basis used once it\’s closed. Should you want to set your accounting method preferences, refer to the steps outlined in this article: Differentiate Cash and Accrual basis. Thats funny, I did the same thing and it works great on the GL. Thank you for your update on what QB\’s is doing to help us set up PR to track the numbers.

I too followed the instructions that were posted and it went smoothly until I got to step 4. Is that correct? This is confusing and we do appreciate that you\’re working on helping us get our PR set up to handle the changes caused by this pandemic. I couldn\’t tell if you received by reply to your message. Here it is again.

Please let me know if you received it and if you can advise me on my questions or reassure me that I did it correctly, I would really appreciate that. Thank you for your instruction, I am sure it will help individuals who do not understand the difference between cash and accrual based accounting, however, that is not the issue. By clicking \”Continue\”, you will leave the community and be taken to that site instead. Enter a search word. Turn off suggestions. Enter a user name or rank.

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– (QB Desktop Payroll) National Paid Leave

Go to your Chart of Accounts, then select the COVID Expenses account. This can include all 5 National Paid Leave payroll items: National Paid. On the Payroll Liabilities window, select Create. Go to the Payroll Liabilities tab and enter the National Paid Leave Credit and the amount of.


Solved: National Paid Leave setup help: Step 4 Clarification

Go to your Chart of Accounts, then select the COVID Expenses account. This can include all 5 National Paid Leave payroll items: National Paid. On the Payroll Liabilities window, select Create. Go to the Payroll Liabilities tab and enter the National Paid Leave Credit and the amount of.

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