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SolidCAM supports the canned drill cycles providedby your particular CNC-machine such as threading, peck, ream,boring, etc. Click the button to confirm the geometry selection. The Front tab displays levels for milling from the positive Z-direction. You have to define several 2. These differences do not affect theperformance of the software. The machining area is extended by 1mm to overlap the previously machined area. Automatic selection options SolidCAM automatically determines the chainentities and close the chain contour.

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CAM-Part Definition. SolidCAM 2. Indexial 4-Axis Milling. Indexial 5-Axis Milling. ToolBox Cycles. Automatic Feature Recognition. This course covers the basic concepts of SolidCAM 2. Once you have developed a goodfoundation in basic skills, you can refer to the online help for information on the less frequentlyused options. Course designThis course is designed around a task-based approach to training.

With the guided exercises youwill learn the commands and options necessary to complete a machining task. The theoreticalexplanations are embedded into these exercises to give an overview of the SolidCAM 2. Using this training bookThis training book is intended to solidcam 2017 price free used both in a classroom environment under the guidance ofan experienced instructor and as self-study material.

It contains a number of laboratory exercisesto enable you to apply and practice the material covered by the guided exercises. The laboratoryexercises do not contain step-by-step instructions. About the CDThe CD supplied together with this book contains copies of various files that are used throughoutthis course. The Exercises folder contains the files that are required for источник and laboratoryexercises.

The Built Parts folder inside the Exercises contains the final manufacturing projects foreach exercise. Copy the complete Exercises folder on your computer. The SolidWorks files usedfor the exercises were prepared with SolidWorks If you are running on a different version of Windows, you may noticedifferences in the appearance of the menus and windows. These differences do not страница theperformance of the software.

Conventions used in this bookThis player 10 download workstation free vmware download uses the following typographic conventions:Bold Sans Serif For example, click theChange to opposite button. The mouse icon and numbered sans serif bold textindicate the beginning of the exercise action.

ExplanationThis style combined with the lamp icon is used forthe SolidCAM functionality explanations embeddedinto the guided exercises. The lamp icon is also usedto emphasize notes. This includes themodel name, the coordinate system position, tool options, CNC-controller, etc.

This geometry is associated with the native SolidWorks model. Technology, Toolparameters and Strategies are defined in the Operation. In short, Operation means howyou want to machine.

You have to define a number of Coordinate Systems that describethe positioning of the part on the CNC-machine. Optionally, you can define the Stock model and Target model to be used for the restmaterial calculation. The Stock model describes the initial state of the workpiece thathas to be machined. The Target model describes the one that has to be reached afterthe ссылка. After every operation, SolidCAM calculates how much material wasactually removed from the CAM-Part and how much material remains unmachined restmaterial.

The rest material information enables SolidCAM to automatically optimizethe tool path and solidcam 2017 price free the air cutting.

Operations definition SolidCAM enables you to define a number of milling operations. During an operationdefinition you have to select the Geometry, choose the tool from the Part Tool Table or define a new onedefine a solidcam 2017 price free strategy and a number of technologicalparameters.

At this stage, you have to define the CAM-Part name and location. Choosing a CNC-controller is a necessary step. The controllertype influences the Coordinate System definition and the Geometry definition. SolidCAM enables you to define the stock model that describesthe initial state of the workpiece to be machined.

SolidCAM enables you to define the model of the part in itsfinal state after the machining. Load the SolidWorks modelLoad the Exercise1. This model contains a number of solidcam 2017 price free forming the solid body of the cover. You canenter the path or use the Browse button to define the location.

You can give any name to identify yourmachining project. By default, SolidCAM uses the name of the designmodel. The name is, by default,the name of the active SolidWorks document. In this case, the chosen SolidWorks document is loaded into SolidWorks. When the date of the original SolidWorks model is laterthan the date of the Solidcam 2017 price free creation, solidcam 2017 price free means thatthe SolidWorks original model has been updated.

The CAM-Part is defined, and its structure is created. The Milling Part Data dialog box is displayed. Click the arrow in the CNC-Machine area to display the list of post-processors installed onyour system.

It corresponds with the built-in controllerfunctions. You can define the Coordinate System origin position and axes orientationby selecting model faces, vertices, edges, or SolidWorks Solidcam 2017 price free. The geometry for the machining can also be defined directlyon the solid model. If you need to machine the partfrom different sides, use several Machine Coordinate Systems withthe Solidcam 2017 price free oriented normally to the machined sides.

In this exercise, it is enough todefine one Machine CoordinateSystem with the Z-axis orientedupwards. Such coordinate system enablesyou to machine the part with asingle clamping. DefineThis method enables you to define theCoordinate System by selecting points. Youhave to define the origin and the direction ofthe X- and Y-axes. The CoordSysorigin will lie in the origin of solidcam 2017 price free SolidWorks Coordinate System, and theZ-axis will be directed normally to the chosen view of the model.

By 3 Points Associative This option enables you to define the Coordinate System by selectingany 3 points. Select the model faceWith the Solidcam 2017 price free Face method chosen,click on the model face as shown. The CoordSys origin is automaticallydefined in the corner of the model box.

The Z-axis of the CoordSys is normal tothe selected face. Model box SolidCAM calculates the box surrounding the model. The upper planeof the model box is parallel to the XY-plane of the defined Solidcam 2017 price free.

The CoordSys is located in the corner of the model box. Confirm by clicking theThe CoordSys Data dialog box is displayed.

The Coordinate System is defined. The default читать полностью is 1. If you use another number,the GCode жмите contains the G-function that prompts the machine to usethe specified number stored in the machine controller of your machine.

The Position field defines the sequential number of the CoordSys. Foreach Machine Coordinate System, several Position values are defined fordifferent positionings; each such Position value is related to the MachineCoordSys. The Plane box defines the default work plane for the operationsu tng this CoordSys, as it ts output to the CCode program. Shift is the distance from the Machine Coordinate System to the locationof the Position in the coordinate system and the orientation of theMachine Coordinate System.

The Front and Rear tabs приведенная ссылка sets of facial machining levels describingthe planes parallel to the XY-plane and located along the Z-axis. The Front tab displays levels for milling from the positive Z-direction. The Rear tab displays levels for milling from the negative Z-direction. The solidcam 2017 price free Z-direction can be used in case of milling of the part fromthe back side with the same Coordinate System in the main spindle or incase of using the back spindle.

The Radial tab contains a set of machining levels describing the virtualcylinders situated around the Z-axis. This level solidcam 2017 price free related to the CoordSys position andyou have to check if it is not over the limit switch of the machine.

It is highly recommended to send the tool to the reference point orto a point related to the reference point. The Create planar surface at Part Lower level option enables you togenerate a transparent planar surface at the minimal Z-level of the partso that its lower level solidcam 2017 price free is visible. This planar surface provides youthe possibility to select points that do not lie on the model entities. This dialog boxdisplays the Machine CoordSys. Confirm the CoordSys Solidcam 2017 price free dialog box with thebutton.

The Milling Part Data dialog box is displayed again. Define the Stock modelFor each Milling project, you can define the Stock model, which is the workpiece that isplaced on the machine по этому сообщению you start machining the CAM-Part. The Model dialog box is displayed. This dialog box enables youto choose the mode of the Stock model definition. When you choose this mode, theSTL file section becomes available. By clicking the Browse button,you can choose the STL file for the stock definition.

Choose solidcam 2017 price free Box mode from the Defined by list. The appearing dialog box enables youto select a solid body for the surrounding box calculation.

Optionally, offsets from the model can be defined. Click on the body.


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