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The B Social Freee Visa http://replace.me/27117.txt a single-entry visa giving you a maximum of 60 day stay in Indonesia, like a normal tourist visa that you get from the embassy.

It expires after 60 days. Keep in mind, that if you happen to leave Indonesia before the visa expires, you cannot use this visa again to come back. It is single-entry only. So,you will need to get a new one. If your purpose of stay happens to fall under any of these categories, you tubertini feeder 3 90m download easily get a B Social Cultural Visa! Tourism 2. Social and family 3.

Cooperation between Indonesia and other country 4. Between educational foundation 5. Attending short term training This is where the Divemaster Training falls in 6. Journalist that already has permit from the authority 7. Non-commercial movie production that already has permit from authority 8. Conducting business conversation such as sale and purchase of goods and services as well as production doqnload goods quality supervision 9.

Giving speech or joining non-commercial seminar in term of culture, social, and government, after getting permit from the authorities Joining non-commercial international exhibition.

You must apply and receive the visa before you enter the country. The B visa can be applied for in almost all countries that has an Indonesian Embassy.

Passport valid for at least six months at the date of entry. Перейти copy of the main page of the passport. A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you мне eset smart security version 6 free download вашему for a Visa. Copy of ticket to Indonesia Some consulates may even mikado fish hunter feeder 390 free download for a return ticket out посетить страницу Indonesia after 2 months — the initial duration of the Visa.

You will also be needing a few extra things, which any agency in Bali can help you out with. A sponsorship letter 2. A letter of guarantee 3. Photocopy of their ID. Some consulates may also ask bank statement to guarantee availability of funds for ceeder your expenses in Indonesia. So, you should ideally be contacting the embassy before applying for the visa, to ensure that you have all the documents required before applying.

Once in Indonesia, you need to get in touch with your читать больше again, who will help you schedule a visit to the Immigration office, where you have to go and give your biometrics. Before the 60 days expiry, the visa needs читать далее be extended, which you can do it продолжение здесь by продолжить чтение the immigration office.

You can get the rest of the extensions, either by going to the immigration office every 30 days by yourself, mikado fish hunter feeder 390 free download you can leave your passport with the agency, who will get the extensions done every month for you.

And get used to the relaxed pace of life mikado fish hunter feeder 390 free download Gili Airhaving Bintangs while enjoying the sea breeze kiss your face, as you relax by the адрес on a beanbag, seeing mikado fish hunter feeder 390 free download skies burn. This could be your views on a daily basis. View all blog articles ». Passport valid for at least six months at the date of entry 2. A copy of the main page of the passport 3.

A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa 4. A completed visa form 5. Copy of ticket to Indonesia Some consulates may even ask for a return ticket out of Indonesia after 2 months — the initial duration of the Visa 6. This could be what you call as home What dkwnload with the visa once you are in Indonesia? Get on a flight and come to paradise. Am sure mikado fish hunter feeder 390 free download are picturing yourself right now in ddownload life This could be your views gunter a daily basis Comments Post your comment Your name.

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You will also be needing a few extra things, which any agency in Bali can help you out with. A sponsorship letter 2. A letter of guarantee 3. Photocopy of their ID. Some consulates may also ask bank statement to guarantee availability of funds for covering your expenses in Indonesia. So, you should ideally be contacting the embassy before applying for the visa, to ensure that you have all the documents required before applying. Once in Indonesia, you need to get in touch with your agency again, who will help you schedule a visit to the Immigration office, where you have to go and give your biometrics.

Before the 60 days expiry, the visa needs to be extended, which you can do it personally by visiting the immigration office. You can get the rest of the extensions, either by going to the immigration office every 30 days by yourself, or you can leave your passport with the agency, who will get the extensions done every month for you.

And get used to the relaxed pace of life in Gili Air , having Bintangs while enjoying the sea breeze kiss your face, as you relax by the beach on a beanbag, seeing the skies burn.

This could be your views on a daily basis. View all blog articles ». Passport valid for at least six months at the date of entry 2. A copy of the main page of the passport 3. A copy of the page with the entry stamp in a country where you apply for a Visa 4.

A completed visa form 5. Copy of ticket to Indonesia Some consulates may even ask for a return ticket out of Indonesia after 2 months — the initial duration of the Visa 6.

This could be what you call as home What happens with the visa once you are in Indonesia? Get on a flight and come to paradise. Am sure you are picturing yourself right now in this life This could be your views on a daily basis Comments Post your comment Your name.

Your email address will not be published. Through music curriculum time and a wide range of extended curricular activities, the children work as musicians and have a detailed understanding of the process of music-making. This is achieved by the quality of teaching they experience in their music lessons, and through a dedicated team of instrumental staff and tutors who help them achieve the highest of musical standards for their age.

In recognition of the quality of its expressive arts activities, the school has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. We look to draw out the musician in each of the students by providing performance tasks that meet the expectations of all of the children, while also drawing them on to unknown terrain, says head of music Guy Guerrini. For example, we might play a well-known pop song like She Said by Plan B, which has straight-forward harmonic language, simple rhythmic ideas, a vocal melody as well as a rap.

Students will be taught how to play the song on instruments like guitar, bass, keyboard, drum and ukulele, before choosing their favourite instrument and organising themselves into bands of four, five or six musicians to produce a performance of the song.

By the time they leave after their GCSEs, students are able to compose longer pieces of music in the genre of their choice. We have had pop, dubstep, dance, string quartets, flute duets, guitar ensembles and more. Still in the state sector, Windsor Upper Schools, containing a unique and rather exciting music department, comprises two upper schools starting in Year 9 with one for girls and one for boys.

I have the privilege and pleasure of leading both music departments under the banner of the Windsor Upper Schools music department, says director of upper school music James Manwaring.

Having worked at the Windsor Boys School for a number of years, I felt it would be a natural and sensible move to merge the departments and therefore benefit the musical development of the students. Manwaring is particularly pleased with the impact that music has not just on the school community, but also the wider community and the family of schools in Windsor. Each and every event that takes place at each school is surrounded by music.

There is at least one ensemble or choir rehearsal every day, and these can start as early as am. Both boys and girls are prepared to give up huge amounts of their time to rehearse and perform.

I guess that really shows how much they love what they do and exactly how much they love being part of the department. The school, I truly believe, is made more alive by the music that we play. It s so good that students in assemblies and at school events can see first-hand how powerful music can be. Playing an instrument or singing is not just a solitary activity with no end goal. It gives the students a sense of purpose within school and also it connects them with a network of like-minded individuals who have the same aspirations.

I love seeing new students in September finding music for the first time. It s natural that schools are keen to blow their own trumpets about their achievements and their facilities, but unsolicited accolades from parents perhaps speak more loudly about the true transforming power of music. It was written after a twonight run of Fame at the Lighthouse, Poole s Centre for the Arts, in which a cast of more than a hundred Year 5 and Year 6 children performed, as the culmination of nine months of rehearsals, to sell-out audiences: Throughout Joshua s primary schooling he was never a child that was picked to stand up in front of the school and perform, either reading or at shows.

I m not sure if it was because he didn t want to or that he was never a strong reader, but to see him perform so confidently on stage filled us with such pride and made us realise that all children have their butterfly moments where they blossom and really surprise us with what they are capable of.

Josh is so much more confident since being involved in the show and that s not something that you can teach children easily they need to step outside of their comfort zones sometimes and do challenging things that will have an impact on them when they are older. Music Scholarships per year, whatever you re studying University by the sea Guaranteed first year accommodation Safe and friendly place to study Symphony Orchestra, Concert Band, choirs, ensembles, individual lessons, practice and library facilities Vibrant Arts Centre Manylion llawn o r Ganolfan Gerdd: Full details available from the Music Centre: aber.

Do they yearn to sing in a choir every day rather than just once a week? You may find that a specialist music school will provide them with the stimulus they need The range of opportunities available at the UK s specialist music schools means there is something for every child, with opportunities from classical virtuosi to lovers of musical theatre and pop.

Generally speaking, time is distributed half-and-half between academia and musicmaking, with the emphasis on creating a well-rounded individual rather than simply a virtuoso or merely a good student. Academic ability may largely be valued less than musical facility at auditions, meaning there is often a variety in traditional academic ability at these schools, but a very creative environment and a sense of kinship with other gifted children fosters a positive, welcoming environment.

These schools, with smaller class numbers and professional musicians for staff, are perfectly placed to give each student the benefit of professional advice and a tailor-made programme of musical, artistic and intellectual development. In this article, we profile three schools to give a flavour of what specialist education offers to musicians of all stripes. Yehudi Menuhin School You ve got to produce interesting human beings first and foremost, says Malcolm Singer, director of music at the Yehudi Menuhin School YMS until September The school is dedicated entirely to music and only has around 70 students, comprised entirely of string Yehudi Menuhin School houses a seat concert hall players including classical guitar and pianists.

There are rigorous auditions: pre-screening by tape or in person is followed by a full-day audition including performances to teachers, aural tests and interviews, before the final step of three to four days boarding at the school, acting as a full-time student. Singer suggests the most important characteristic in candidates auditions is the ability to communicate their love of music to an audience, and auditions may result in them being asked to return in a few years, or even suggestions of schools where the student may be better suited.

Academic ability is not examined at audition, but following on from Menuhin s idea of a holistic education, the school teaches the national curriculum, seven GCSEs, and two A levels per student, with options including Russian, Mandarin and Japanese. A third year of sixth form is available obligatory for those entering the school at 16 in which students pursue further study. Music education is highly creative, with all students studying composition and aural skills, as well as classical improvisation for cadenzas or ornamentation.

Nearly all alumni attend music colleges, although the qualifications offered do leave open the possibility of study at university. Day-to-day, students have a personalised timetable, with at least two hours private instrumental teaching per week with a principal teacher. Younger students have an extra two hours time with an assistant teacher in order to prepare for their main lessons, which comes on top of communal music-making in the form of chamber groups and orchestras.

Academic work and practice are freely interspersed, taking up around half a day each. The school has an annual leavers concert at Wigmore Hall in London, regularly travels abroad on concert tours, and has a topclass auditorium which provides an excellent space for the school s regular sold-out concerts. In addition, all years of the school take part in outreach activity, from playing for local children to leading workshops in schools.

Timetables for specialists are separate to other students, with practice time integrated into core curriculum provision. Since boarders in particular are surrounded by non-specialist students, the social fabric of Wells is something on which the school prides itself. As an alumnus puts it, rather than musicians being a separate group, suddenly they re helping you win rugby matches, and living with you it s a very positive and nurturing place to be. At the heart of Wells offer is the high standard of teaching: its instrumental teachers are all extremely well-known, and specialists all benefit from the resources of a high-class private education.

Entrance is auditioned, with a special provision scheme for those students who may still require development in their music-making to become full specialists.

This scheme comes with a smaller fee grant and less instrumental tuition, but with several entry ages for the school, there is the chance for re-audition in Years 10 or For those ineligible or unsuccessful in MDS auditions, Wells runs specialist music grant auditions; these cover the 12, music tuition fee payable on top of the standard fees.

Composition, unusually, is offered as a specialism on par with instrumental study, through the same audition process, with regular lessons and three platform concerts yearly. New Music Week has seen esteemed composers such as Peter Maxwell Davies, Judith Bingham and James MacMillan come to the school for masterclasses, and a dedicated ensemble provides steady instrumentation for composers to work with. Perhaps Wells most striking facet is its glorious cathedral, and there are separate boys and girls choirs.

Gramophone magazine named the Cathedral Choir the greatest with children in the world in Rehearsing early every morning and singing every day, travelling around to record and perform, these young singers also follow the standard curriculum. Excellent results certainly help: saw As students progress, they are offered more freedom over the balance of vocational and academic study, with sixth formers making their own decisions as to whether to study A levels, BTEC qualifications, or the school s own tailor-made vocational courses.

However, the department has excellent practice and IT facilities, and will provide support to those who wish to pursue conservatoire study. Vocalists in particular benefit from excellent tuition from working professional singers from all areas of the profession session work, musical theatre, opera, and so on.

There is vocal and musical training at all ages as part of the vocational curriculum: students aged between 11 and 14 have voice training and harmony classes as part of a generalised theatre arts curriculum, which also includes dance and acting.

This continues in a performance foundation course between ages 14 and 16, before sixth form allows further specialisation. If your child is interested in popular music or music theatre as potential career choices, then Tring Park is ideal. Its musical theatre course for sixth form provides training in all areas of dance, acting and singing with detailed musical training in aural skills, interpretation, and various other areas that help in creating versatile, Tring Park s facilities include a dance studio capable professionals.

Many alumni go on to work in top musical theatre shows such as Wicked, Mamma Mia! Likewise, its specialised commercial music course makes Tring Park one schools which actively avoids a troubled relationship with students who feel an affinity for popular music rather than the classical tradition. Learning takes place in a bespoke school building, designed to provide exceptional practice and performance facilities alongside an outstanding academic education.

Hampstead Music School e w Based in North London, Hampstead Music School provides piano, violin, cello, guitar and various instrumental lessons to students from beginners to advanced levels. Learn with experienced and highly qualified music teachers. National music, games and media college offering FE and HE courses from seven locations across England. This includes tuition from worldrenowned musicians, performances in top British venues and the opportunity to meet like-minded friends from all over the world within our environment of creative excellence.

Entry at any stage, inc 6th form. Auditions each term. Advisory auditions arranged monthly. State school. Admissions policy inc provision for up to 20 students who show musical aptitude, subject to musical tests and audition.

Candidates should be grd 5 and will be required to perform, read at sight, respond to aural tests and answer questions relating to their music-making. Scholars are expected to play in choir and orch and to transfer to St Paul s at Awards are reviewed on entry to St Paul s. Music activities: 2 orchs; 3 choirs; various ensembles.

No of pupils: Age range: Termly fees: 6, School type: Boys. Based in Bushey we provide a rounded education with music at its heart. We offer outstanding young musicians the opportunity to make music every day with around other talented players and singers, enabling them to make the most of their abilities. Our pupils regularly win scholarships to the best music colleges in the UK and abroad, and enjoy frequent success in competitions locally, nationally and internationally.

Purpose built music block with excellent facilities and equipment; computer suite with 21 Apple Macs, practice rooms, rehearsal hall and recording studio; also Specialist School Music Projects Animateur who devises, co-ordinates and runs activities within and between the school and other local schools.

Awards: All means-tested. Internal music awards also available. Age under 10; voice trials Jan. Academic, all round, sports and specialist maths awards are all available. Age range: Termly Fees: Annual: 24, 30, boarding ; 14, 18, day. Integrated academic curriculum.

Entry by audition only, based on music potential. Auditions held throughout the year, entry age normally Awards: Means-tested funding available for UK pupils; some bursaries available for overseas students. Music activities: Concerts and public performance; work with visiting professional musicians. Music activities: 3 choirs, swing band, wind band, concert orch gr 4 5 and symphony orch gr 6 8.

The orchs play a varied and wide repertoire of music from symphonies through to arrangements from musicals. Henrietta Barnett School Central Sq, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 7BN t f e w Music activities: Music and media technology suite, rehearsal rooms, comps and writers in residence, arts award programme, music partnership with Toynbee Hall and music links with other local schools.

Music activities: Choirs, orchs, folk bands, jazz orch, chambr choir, str ens. Co-ed comprehensive school. Music activities: Individual and group tuition for students from the school and partner primaries.

Variety of musical styles taught and encouraged. No of pupils: Termly Fees: None. Co-ed comprehensive, co-ed, LEA school. Full range of NC subjects delivered, with strong emphasis on music. Tuition offered on a wide range of instruments, delivered in conjunction with the Cornwall Music Service. Awards: Scholarship programme. Music activities: Varied programme of musical events at local and national level, and perfs at daily assemblies; highlights have incd perf of a self-composed opera at ROH.

Over students choose to undertake peripatetic music lessons which are primarily, financially supported by the school, a small contribution from parents is asked for. Music Facilities: 3 classrooms; 6 practice rooms; state-of-the-art recording studio with a performance area. The Junior House provides a specialist music educ with astrong emphasis on Catholic liturgical music for boys betweeen the ages of 7 and In addition to an intensive music educ programme, music scholars receive free tuition in one inst.

The scholarships are awarded for the duration of a boy s educ at the London Oratory School. Awards: Inst scholarships and bursaries available. Music activities: Schola, choral society, chmbr choir, three orchs, concert band. No of pupils: 80 jr house ; 11 16 ; 6th form. No of pupils: 50 in music school; learning insts in main school. Hostel facilities available.

Age range: Termly Fees: None. Music activities: Concert band, gospel choir, Madrigalis choir , jazz band, pop and rock groups and NSG academy.

Facillities inc an outside performance space and new rehearsal rooms. BTEC first certificate offered at Yr 9 as fast track 1 yr course to students. Orch, str orch, swing band, choir, wind grp and other smaller ens. Students have formed their own groups and regularly perform to other pupils; musicals every 2 yrs, Christmas and summer concerts and other regular performances. All girls 11 16, mixed sixth form. Language and music specialisms. Awards: 1 scholarship and significant subsidies for inst tuition.

Music activities: School has released 5 albums and 2 singles inc a release on itunes ; choirs have performed at the London Palladium, Wembley Stadium and at rugby and football internationals, as well as featuring on national radio and TV.

Activities inc 3 choirs, orch, concert band and many chmbr ens. Choirs have sung evensong at several cathedrals inc Westminster Abbey and Canterbury. No of pupils: , studying insts. Selective state school, selecting at Awards: 20 places available based on musical ability. Year 7 music scholarships and bursaries of one-off payments up to Some free inst tuition and subsidised theory tuition, equipment and additional support.

Music activities: 17 ens inc 3 choirs, 2 wind bands, 3 str orchs, big band, symph orch, 2 Indian music ens. UK or foreign tours every other yr. No of pupils: c Termly Fees: None. Extra-curricular includes jazz, string and brass groups, choir, orchestra and musical theatre. Girls selective school with Specialist Music Status.

School operates as centre for AL music tuition within the Canterbury schools consortium. Variety of styles and genres taught inc rock, folk, klezmer, jazz, African and contemporary music, as well as standard choral and orch. The school prepares for careers in the performing arts and music. Other courses at post- 16 inc musical theatre, theatre, dance, tech theatre production, visual arts and broadcast and digital communications.

Age range: Termly Fees: Nil. Awards: Music School Trust for students in need. Music activities: Full range of insts, orch, band, choral, chmbr, trad, jazz and contemporary music and comp inc electronic.

No of pupils: Age range: Termly Fees: Free; entry by audition. Music activities: Large choir around members , several orchs, jr singers Y7 and 8 only , inst lessons. Comp in residence; also links with the Sing Up programme. Awards: 6th form music scholarships up to Music activities: Strong choral tradition: main choir tours abroad each year; Chorisma and Year 7 choir for younger students; N.

Chant, sr chmbr choir. Stage production and several concerts presented each yr. Musical links with local primary schools and a school for autistic students. Boys State Grammar School with specialist performing arts status. Awards: Bursaries for instrumental lessons available on application. Music activities: Tiffin Boys Choir; many choral groups inc oratorio chorus and close harmony. Thames Youth Orchestra based at Tiffin; large structure of inst ens, inc 2 orchs, many jr and intermediate str, ww and br groups, concert band and the Tiffin Swing Band.

No of pupils: Age range: Termly Fees: None; interview required for 6th form entry. Co-ed voluntary C of E high school. Music activities: 1st and 2nd orchs, str orch, concert band, str quartets, school Specialist Choir Schools Anglican Choir Schools choir, chmbr choir, jazz band, gospel choir, band academy. No of pupils: ; 19 choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: Non fee-paying specialist Academy.

Also choristerships for Worcester College. Age 7, voice trials as advertised and on request Music activities: Choir concerts, recordings, tours; 2 choirs, orch, wind band, musical drama.

Age range: 3 13 nursery 3 4, pre-prep 4 7, prep 8 Usual age under 9 at voice trial by arrangement. Music scholarships also available for non-choristers. Music activities: School choir, jr choir, orch, str ens, big band, ww, br, guis, rcdr group.

No of pupils: 18 boy choristers; 18 girl choristers; non-choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: day ; boarding. Awards: Choral scholarship for entry at 11, tenable at the Chapel and Hampton School. Age 8 10, voice trials by arrangement. Music activities: 2 orchs, chmbr choir, choral soc, chmbr music, 2 concert bands, regular productions of musicals.

No of pupils: 18 choristers; non-choristers. Age range: 2 11 jr , sr. Day boys and girls. Dyslexia centre, 33 peripatetic music teachers. Age 6 7 at voice trials Jan. King s College Chapel.

No of pupils: 27 boy boarders; day boys and girls. Age range: Termly Fees: pre-prep , day , boarding , choristers. Age 8 10 at entry.

Music scholarships at 11, and No of pupils: 22 choristers; nonchoristers. Also pre-prep school for ages 3 8. Awards: A number of choral scholarships for Rochester Cathedral choir for prep-school children. Other awards available. Music activities: Choirs, orchs, bands and wind groups perform in Rochester Cathedral and variety of concerts. Prep school on same site shares music facilities. Rochester Cathedral choristers are drawn from the school. No of pupils: day; 52 boarding; studying inst.

Termly Fees: day , boarding. School type: Co-ed. Age 7 9, voice trials Dec. Music activities: Concerts, broadcasts and choir tours. No of pupils: day. Age range: Termly Fees: day. Awards: 18 choral scholarships. Regular concerts, Music productions, Music competitions. Occasional Cathedral choir tours abroad. No of pupils: 21 choristers; non-choristers. Day and boarding. Age 7 9 at Feb voice trial, or at other times when candidates are ready.

Other music scholarships available inc girls choir. Music activities: School orch, wind band, br ens, girls choir. Occasional cathedral choir tours abroad. No of pupils: 18 choristers; 4 probationers; nonchoristers. Age range: Termly Fees: day , boarding. Assemblies, major termly concerts in Cathedral. Term Fees: Prep: day , weekly board , termly board. Senior: day , weekly board , termly board. MCS is a friendly, inclusive and highly distinctive school in the heart of Oxford.

Music scholarships; exhibitions and tuition awards for entry into Year 9 and into Sixth Form. Music activities: 3 orchs, string orch, choral soc, madrigal choir, jr choir, sixth form choir, samba band, 2 jazz bands, close harmony groups, perc ens, br and ww ens, numerous chambr ens. No of pupils: 16 choristers; non-choristers. Age range: Boys: Girls: Termly Fees: 5, Awards: Chorister places at greatly reduced fees. Age 6 at Sep voice trial. Music activities: Joint concerts with local groups, 2 choirs in school, orch groups, Sat music school, jr str and rcdr groups; individual tuition in most orch insts.

No of pupils: 22 choristers; non-choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: day , choristers. Day and weekly boarding. Weekly boarding available for children aged After school care and occasional boarding. Age 7 9; voice trials Jan.

Music activities: Rcdrs, chmbr groups, orch, music productions, school choir, ens. Voice trials: Jan boys , Feb girls. Music activities: Orch, 4 school choirs, many inst ens. No of pupils: 44 choristers and probationers; non-choristers; day; 30 boarding.

Awards: Up to 23 choral scholarship places worth pa. Age 6 9 at voice trials in Nov and Mar. No of pupils: 23 choristers; nonchoristers; day; 26 boarding. Age 7 11, voice trials by appointment. Age 8 14, voice trials by appointment. Music activities: Sr and prep school orch, jazz ens, str ens, ww ens, sr school chmbr choir, sr girls choir, close harmony group; also termly concerts and music, art and drama festival. Age under 10 at voice trial. Further bursaries up to full fees available.

Music activities: 5 choirs, 30 chmbr ens, concerts a yr. Boys and girls, 9 13, entry by audition each term. Advisory auditions by arrangement at any time. Music activities: St Mary s choir has many outside engagements, broadcasts, recordings and tours.

No of pupils: 22 choristers. Awards: 40 places for boarding choristers. Voice trials held throughout year for boys aged 6 8. Music activities: orchs, ens and chmbr groups; day pupils choirs. All choristers learn 2 insts. No of pupils: 36 boarding choristers; day boys and girls; 62 pre-prep boys and girls. Choral scholarships for girls worth up to pa, age 7 11 at voice trial.

Voice trials for boys and girls held each time. Music activities: Orchs, chmbr orch, ens, choirs and chmbr choir. Professional concerts given and competitions entered. No of pupils: 18 boy choristers, 17 girl choristers, non-choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: nursery , yrs 1 2 , yrs 3 4 , yrs 5 6 , yrs 7 Age 7 9 at May, Nov voice trial and by appointment.

Music activities: Orch, wind ens, string ens, separate school choir, chapel choir. Age range: Termly Fees: day , choristers , boarding. No of pupils: 43 choristers; non-choristers. King s is a successful co-educational independent day school for girls and boys aged 3 18 years. Awards:music, sport, art and performing arts.

Music activities: Orch, jr orch, swing band, str group, intermediate str group, choral soc, school choir, madrigal group, str quartet and many other ens. Termly Fees: 2, 5, Voice trials and inst auditions Mar Jun, age Music activities: 3 choirs, 2 orchs, 2 concert bands, jazz band, other ens. No of pupils: 12 full choristers, 4 probationers, 1 jr; non-choristers.

Annual chorister auditions for boys and girls aged under 9. Music activities: Orch, choir, chmbr ens, wind band, str orch. No of pupils: 47 choristers; nonchoristers. Music activities: 2 professional choirs, 3 chool choirs; full range of orchs, inst groups and tuition. Age 7 9 at voice trials held whenever a vacancy occurs in the choir. Music activities: 3 orchs, 4 choirs, 18 other ens, 20 visiting inst staff.

No of pupils: 18 boarding choristers; day, 16 boarding non-choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: choristers ; day ; weekly boarding ; full boarding. Age between 8 and 10, voice trials Jan. Music activities: Tuition in all orch insts, kb, gui and voice; chmbr music, orch coaching and aural training. No of pupils: 18 boy choristers; 20 girl choristers; non-choristers. Age range: Termly Fees: Annual Fees: 11, 14, day , 19, 23, boarding.

Only school in country educating only boy choristers. Awards: 34 places, all for boarding boy choristers. Entry by voice trial held at various times during the year. Generous scholarships from the Dean and Chapter of Westminster. Music activities: Westminster Abbey choir and school orch; numerous inst ens. Age range: Termly Fees: full boarding. Pupils can benefit from grants awarded annually to Music Award Holders, with assessments held in First and Third Form.

The title and associated grant often continue over multiple years, with an annual review. Music Award Holders are expected to take a leading role in Music and act as ambassadors for Cokethorpe; they can also expect extra support from the Music Department as they move up through the Senior School.

Music activities: Choral and inst training, underpinned by RC traditions. Schola undertakes concert and recording work, sings mass at Brompton Oratory on sat during term time and on major feast days throughout the yr; other school activities incl choral society, chmbr choir, three orchs and concert band. No of pupils: 80 jr house; yrs; 6th form. Informal auditions throughout the year, usually while a child is in Y2 3 at primary school. Music activities: Cathedral jr choir for boys; choirs, orch, Big Bash!

Musical dramatic productions and inst ens. Several concerts and services pa. Music activities: Cathedral choirs men and boys, jr girls choir, sr girls choir, chmbr choir consisting of sr boys and girls ; concert orch; training orch, br and wind ens; rcdr consort; regular largescale, dramatic productions; outside engagements; broadcasts; recordings; tours.

Preparation for Oxbridge choral awards. Awards: Music Scholarships Choral or Instrumental are available to children going into Years 6, 7 or 8. Two instruments are required for instrumental scholarships. Music activities: Boy trebles provide the top line in the Ampleforth Abbey Schola Cantorum; the Schola SanctiMartini girls years 5 8 are trained separately and sing at a weekly service in the Abbey church. Opportunity to tour. Orch and various inst ens. Age on entry normally 8; voice trials Dec or Mar or by arrangement for entry usually in Sep.

Music activities: Chmbr music, orchs and non-chorister choir. No of pupils: 27 choristers; day. That s before you ve considered the quality of music education: how much importance is placed on music in each school, and what can your child expect? This article shines the spotlight on three of the best independent school music departments in the country Central Reading isn t known for leafy open spaces, yet just a stone s throw from the bustling shopping centre and busy office blocks lies 60 acres of beautiful parkland.

Crisscrossing pathways connect a finely maintained campus, which contains a soon-to-be refurbished concert hall, and a music department brimming with Yamaha pianos.

This is Leighton Park School, a Quaker institution with musical alumni that include folk-pop singer-songwriter Laura Marling and the esteemed composer Richard Rodney Bennett.

Leighton Park has a particular approach to student development that emphasises accessibility and the nurturing of individual talents particularly musical. The open environment means that lots of children are involved in the music activities programme, explains director of music Rosemary Scales.

We are quite a small school of students. When we do a Christmas or ensembles concert we have over children involved, says the delightfully named Scales. There s also the The King s School in Canterbury is reportedly the oldest school in the world Leighton Park School is set in 60 acres of beautiful parkland opportunity for students to be involved in production and stage management.

We have around 28 peripatetic staff, and there are music lessons going on each week. The redevelopment will add a massive foyer where we ll hold lunchtime concerts, Scales says. There will be a Live Lounge, a media room and seven more practice rooms. Leighton Park School has a long history, dating back to However, this considerable heritage and that of many other educational institutions pales in comparison to The King s School in Canterbury, which was founded in , reportedly making it the oldest school in the world.

The highly prestigious institution offers a wealth of musical opportunities for its student body, such as King s Week, a festival that has just marked its 66th instalment, with events including 26 performances.

We open with our concert orchestra who play popular light classics as part of Thursday Night is Music Night, which is modelled on the BBC Concert Orchestra s Friday Night is Music Night, explains William Bersey, who has been director of music since We have a jazz night in the marquee and a gala symphony showcase where a couple of students get to play concerto movements.

One of our most iconic events the Serenade in the Cloisters, where we hold an evening of choral music in Canterbury Cathedral it starts at 9pm and ends in moonlight; it s very atmospheric.

We sing all our Sunday services in the cathedral, says Bersey. When our school hall is in use for exams we have all our assemblies in the nave of the cathedral. I do my hymn practice from the pulpit where the archbishop gives his sermons!

As well as the cathedral performances, King s School has its own seat concert hall and three recital rooms. Notable alumni are many: they range from Harry Christophers, founder of professional chamber choir The Sixteen, to composer Sacha Skarbek, who has written songs for Adele. We offer teaching for every orchestral instrument and also have a thriving jazz and rock and pop team, adds Bersey there are more than individual music lessons each week. We ll champion any musician, no matter what discipline.

Several of the elite independent schools with strong music offerings have historic links with chapel choirs. Choral music and chapel life is also very important at Cheltenham College.

The chapel choir has 80 students in it, who sing in the Sunday services, says David McKee, head of music. One of the groups, Schola Cantorum, also sings evensong. From September, we ll have both a boys treble choir and a girls treble choir who will be singing evensong during the week.

The college also boasts a cathedral-style organ that is currently undergoing a full restoration and will be reinstalled in October. Last year our major groups performed in Cadogan Hall. The jazz band has performed in the Cheltenham Music Festival, and the choirs have performed in the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Music technology is a growing area of interest for many pupils: Cheltenham College hopes to offer AS music technology soon, and has a music tech club, as well as a thriving new music scene Birmingham Contemporary Music Group will be providing composition workshops next year.

It has also recently become an all-steinway school: We have five Steinway grand pianos, two of which are concert grands. We also have 18 Steinway uprights, says McKee. There are around 80 to piano lessons a week. We also bought all 11 of the boarding houses new Yamaha Clavinovas to help with the music tech and also for the students to practice with headphones if that s what they want to do.

There has been a surge of interest in music since the pianos arrived. Since we ve got the new pianos the number of practice hours has trebled! There are a handful of other independent schools with the same all-steinway status, such as Pangbourne College, Trinity School and Stowe. On the other side of the fence, as it were, is Leighton Park School, which has a partnership withyamaha. We have a large number of Yamaha pianos and Yamaha supports the school by providing artists for masterclasses, unusual percussion instruments or setting up links with conservatoires, explains Scales.

Unsurprisingly, access to these independent schools can come with an eye-watering price tag, but it s worth noting that many of these schools offer a range of scholarships and awards and the majority are committed to supporting talent where possible. Some of the most expensive colleges are also the most generous.

We do have some students here who are per cent fully funded, says Bersey. For plus we award 12 scholarships, and three choral awards. At plus it s variable, anything from two scholars to eight. Some music scholars are also eligible for a bursary.

The awards are a really important part of the fabric of the school. Cheltenham College is similar, with scholarships available for both lower and upper school pupils. Other schools, such as Leighton Park, offer a ten per cent reduction in fees. There is a huge range in music provision on offer, from internationally renowned sacred choral music to rock and pop groups. In addition, the culture of each individual institution is slightly different, spanning the anyone can have a go approach to a high level of commitment.

Some independent schools require their music scholars to be full-time boarders, in order for them to commit to the evening rehearsals as well as academic work, of course. As a family, it s worth establishing whether you are looking to foster a general love of music, to begin learning an instrument and join ensembles, or if we are talking about a rising star here how best to develop their talent while not neglecting other skills.

As soon as this is clear, drawing a short list becomes easier. Alleyn s is a co-educational independent day school in South London with over pupils aged Music Scholarships and Bursaries are available upon entry into Y7, Y9 and Y Exhibitions are also available, offering free instrumental tuition.

Visit the school website for further infomation on musical opportunities. Ashbourne Choir, regular trips to the concerts, operas and theatres of London.

Music Facilities: Large music classroom and practice area with pno, kb and state of the art computer software, inc recording facilities. No of pupils: On average Termly Fees: 2, reception ; 2, jr ; 3, sr. Awards: Scholarships for music are awarded at 11; bursaries are available to top up the value. Age range: 0 11 co-ed ; girls. Awards: Music scholarship awarded at 11 and 16 music scholarships may be awarded plus awards which pay for inst tuition.

Music Scholars must pass the entrance exam and audition. Outstanding candidates on one inst considered. Termly fees: Jr 4, and Sr 5, Music activities: First and second orchs, big band, wind band, intermediate wind ens, jr wind, br and str ens, full choir, chmbr choir, jr choir, early music ens. Music Facilities: 2 perf auditoria, 9 reh rooms, 1 technology suite. Termly Fees: Termly music lessons: Music activities: Sr orch, jr orch, prep dept orch, swing band, chmbr groups, str quartets, jr choir, sr choir, madrigal group, rcdr group, jazz group, training band, barbershop group.

Termly Fees: 5, Music activities: School orch, chmbr orch, sr and jr strs, br ens, concert band, school choir, chmbr choir, house music competitions; music tours, musical productions and frequent recitals in the newly-opened recital hall.

No of pupils: day inc prep, nursery and pre-prep ; studying inst. Termly Fees: 3, 4, Jacqueline du Pre music award 6th form. Music activities: 4 orchs, choirs for all age groups, chmbr choir, str chmbr orch, wind band, br ens, jazz group, chmbr ens. Biennial music tours abroad, choral works with visiting tenors and basses from neighbouring schools. Music shows and operas frequently produced. Termly Fees: 1, 2, nursery ; 3, jr ; 4, 4, sr. Age under 14 on 1 Sep; gr 5 age 11 , gr 6 7 age 12 14 required.

Orch insts preferred. Music activities: 3 orchs, 2 wind bands, 5 choirs, chmbr ens, 2 big bands. Scheme for free loan of string insts. Free tuition in vn and va to all at age 8. No of pupils: day and boarding; study inst.

Termly Fees: 6, day , 13, boarding. Age range: School type: Boys. Music Facilities: Dedicated Music School and facilities. Music activities: Chapel choir, parents choir, orchs, big band, jazz and chmbr groups. Major concerts each term, annual musical, annual choir tour.

Termly Fees: Age range: School type: Co-ed. Candidates are expected to perform on at least 1 inst and should be approaching grade 5 standard. An audition will usually consist of a prepared piece, sight reading and aural tests. Music activities: Choir, orch, inter-house competitions and events. Music Facilities: Music suite with 7 practice rooms, each with pno; music tech facilities.

Termly Fees: 4, day ; 8, weekly ; 9, full boarder. Pupils aged 4 18 with boys and girls taught separately between the ages of 7 16, but music and other cocurricular activities are coeducational.

Two instruments which can inc voice should be offered. Music activities: Orchs and choirs, musical plays, etc. Music Facilities: four classrooms, 12 teaching rooms, recital room and Great Hall. No of pupils: day; studying inst.

Termly Fees: 5, 6, School sets own entrance examination. Awards: Scholarships at ages 11 and Gr 4 at 11, gr 5 at 13 expected on 1st inst. Music activities: Orch, chmbr orch, sinfonia, choral society, choir, jazz band, chmbr music, str quartets; fl, ob, cl, gui ens.

Extensive concert programme, tours, regular orch exchange with Konstanz, Germany, annual musical production. Music Facilities: performing arts centre opened in No of pupils: day.

Termly Fees: 6, Full-boarding, all-boys school in NW London. Applicants should have gr 5 distinction on 1st inst with 2nd inst or singing. All music interests catered for. Awards: Music scholarships are awarded on the basis of auditions and interviews for pupils from other schools or from the Junior School at 11 or 13 ie sat in Yrs 6 or 8.

Termly Fees: 5,, Age range: School type: Co-ed. Awards: Music scholarships and exhibitions for ages Music activities: School orch, sr choir, various chmbr ens wind, fl, br, gui, sax , jazz and rock bands. Music Facilities: Mac computer suite, rec studio, concert room.

No of pupils: day; studying inst school ; home. Termly Fees: nursery ; 4, kindergarten ; 4, jr day ; 6, sr day. Music activities: Over 25 different ens inc 5 choirs, 5 orchs, chmbr music, jazz band, big band; latest electronic equipment. Integrated inst programme at jr and sr level, ad hoc rock bands, perc ens etc; also music tours and courses. Music Facilities: 13 teaching rooms, two technology studios, recording facilities, fully equipped percussion room, hpd, Bosendorfer grand pno and Yamaha grand pno.

No of pupils: sr day; prep. Termly Fees: 5, sr. Age range: School type: Girls. Awards: 2 or more music scholarships value up to plus 6th form org scholarship. Music activities: 4 orchs, 6 choirs, big band, chmbr ens; up to 30 concerts pa. Awards: We offer music scholarships at age 11, 13 and 16 together with free tuition on one instrument for those with outstanding potential. Special consideration given to string players and shortage instruments. Expected levels: gr 5 11 , approx gr 7 Music activities: 3 orchs, str orch, concert band, jazz band, rock band, 3 choirs, gui, br, str, close harmony and chmbr groups.

Choral soc presents an oratorio annually. No of pupils: ; studying inst. Large, thriving department with over instrumental lessons per week and 40 peripatetic staff. Many extra curricular Music activities: 6 choirs, 5 orchestras, 4 jazz bands, numerous ensembles. For entry at 11, candidates should be at Grade 5 on their main instrument and at 16, Grade 8. Scholarship auditions are held in January.

Music activities: School orch, school choir, schola, gamelan ens. No of pupils: day, boarding. Annual Fees: 15, 17, day ; 25, 28, weekly boarding ; 27, 29, full boarding annual fees. Exhibitions for free tuition also awarded. Tuition available in strs, br, wind, perc, vocals, classical, electric and bass gui, pno and org.

Music activities: 4 major concerts a year, Summer Festival and a concert at the Merchant Taylors Hall. Various music competitions and tours. Great Hall, Studio Theatre and small Chapel. Annual Fees: 18, Termly Fees: 6, day ; 8, weekly boarding ; 9, full boarding. Music activities: 2 orchs, a str orch, and 30 ens inc jazz band, 2 cl ens, 2 fl groups, pno trios, wind quartets, str quartets, vc quartets etc.

No of pupils: day; over studying instrument in school. Termly Fees: jr ; sr. School type: Girls. Awards: Music scholarships available, assessed by audition. Music activities: Symph orch, chmbr orch, Northwood singers, jazz ens, str quartet, chmbr choir, fl ens, jr choir, jr orch, jr wind band; musicals, concerts, competitions.

Music Facilities: Performing arts centre with Apple Mac mus tech suite, recital hall seating , concert and conference facilities, 10 practice rooms, professional sound recording studio, 2 teaching and perf studios. Termly Fees: 3, nursery 5, 6th form. Entry requirements: school s entrance test plus music audition. Awards: 2 music scholarship awarded at Music activities: 3 choirs, 3 orchs, jazz group, chmbr music, fl group.

Outside concerts. Music Facilities: Recital hall, ind practice rooms, rec studio. Termly Fees: 4, jr ; 5, Music activities: Classical groups; pop, rock, funk and soul bands; musicals. Awards: Music scholarships available at 11 and Termly Fees: 5, sr school. Awards: Music scholarships are available on entry to yr 7 Music activities: Chmbr choir, school choir, jazz group, chmbr music group and individual tuition available.

Sr choir, chmbr choir, a cappella singing group. Study trips to orchs and opera companies. Music Facilities: Purpose-built music rooms, access to school insts.

Full details available from the PA to the dir of mus. Music activities: Choristers, barbershop, chmbr choir, orch; international tours arranged.


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