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Microsoft has released a Xero ссылка on Azure which is on preview mode waiting for customer feedback. You can see the connector on this link. One of the major issues is the one reported here. You can vote for this issue and if Microsoft manages to finalise this connector on Azure hopefully they will easily move it to PowerBI Desktop.

I currently create many customised reports in Power BI desktop using data directly from Xero and other applications. Or we need to have powerBI Pro to do that? Hello jllau I am not a consultant so Do you need near real time processing or is it a case of needing to see transactions up to say yesterday?

PowerBi is an incredibly powerful platform but still in its infancy so not all things are yet catered for eg a Xero connector on desktop. In saying that a monthly update cycle is pretty good and so many of these issues go away quite swiftly if there are enough users voices backing the idea.

There are a couple of ideas I can think of and seen implemented that i can share if you can give me an idea of what you are after. The volume of transactions is not a problem. Thats easily within the limits of Xero desktop application – xero desktop application calls so not a problem. Linking to other systems will require multiple tables – at least one for each system and then for good practice a date table at the very least. That cannot be done in PBI service. It xero desktop application – xero desktop application not allow the relationship creation.

If by realtime info you are talking about an order comes in, is entered into the system and the say mix quatities are updated and reported on immediately then PBI wont be a solution for you at the moment. But that sounds a bit too hard does it not? I suspect from the volume of transactions you are looking for a solution which is out of the box and will we ссылка на страницу know that never actually happens just work without a whole bunch of dedicated IT time.

I would love to say use powerbi because i genuinely like using it and reccomending it, but in this case i dont see that its a good solution for you at the moment. If you were able to wait 24 months it would be virtually guaranteed to be an out of the box fit. Get data the excel files and Xero data. Establish a relationship with power BI desktop using chart of account numbers or items codes.

Once the relationship is established you can develop the variance reports. In service set refresh as often as you like. I normally refresh data 4 times a day.

Xero has a limitation of API\’s per day. Power Bi is all xero desktop application – xero desktop application automated. Once the report is created, it is automated. For example I spent a couple hours creating a sales dashboard for a reasonble size conference. Slice up the data any way like as long as you have the data in Xero. The 6 report users get a refreshed set of conference analytics 4 times a day. There is no need to extract all data to excel.

You may need to create a few tables in excel because the data is not available in Xero. Tables I normally xero desktop application – xero desktop application are budgets, forecast, calendar table. Desktop is where you mash the data and can connect to many data sources. Power BI service has limited capabilities of mashing data and is a по этому адресу tool to share the dashboards.

This is all great stuff and i agree that with the additional drivers it can all be made nicely in desktop, but the CData drivers for Xero are an additional cost and an additional addon to manage. I guess my point is for jllau84 purposes, this is not an out of the box solution. Maybe i am too much a fan of keeping things as simple as possible? Could I please xero desktop application – xero desktop application you to refrain from making any statements about our product www.

So, just for the record:. Acterys creates a relational data model optimized for analytics purposes star schema, time dimension handling, etc. The update process from Xero can be triggered by the user at any time with one click or you нажмите сюда setup a process that does this xero desktop application – xero desktop application.

This means that the user is not limited by API call limits when querying the data which взято отсюда an issue as soon as you have multiple users, the need to include historic data and larger organizations with xero desktop application – xero desktop application higher number of transactions. They also don\’t have to go through a lot of work and have technical experience to modify raw API tables into a useful data model.

The Acterys Excel Add-in here again offers extensive planning, writeback and data modelling options. I have already stated the reasons for our approach before so just briefly: a direct API approach is unlikely to support multiple entities. You can view data for each of your clients on their own dashboard within a single copy of Power BI.

However, you can\’t combine multiple Xero clients on one dashboard. You are on the wrong page. I have connected to many different databases at one time so please stop. Moving forward, I will not be replying to your message because I feel your comments or advice are of no value to me.

Your criticism is of annoyance and if you choose to continue I will report you for inappropriate content. I guess the best thing to do is get a annual cost for each type of connector from:. Power BI desktop vmware workstation free free download connect to Xero directly however you need a couple add xero desktop application – xero desktop application. I provide a service to business, to connect Power BI desktop to Xero and develop bespoke business insights.

If interested send me an e-mail elizabeth analyticsrealtime. There is only an app which only supports one entity and it can\’t be edited in Power Desktop. You have limited editing options on the Power BI service but for example can\’t add all the other sources to the report that you normally have in the Desktop.

I disagree with you. Reports that take days to prepare, I have automated, reducing business cost. The three issues you have implied are not relevant for SME\’s. I would agree for corporations but not small business such as business\’s that use Xero. I know this because I have not encountered the 3 issues you have implied. I have created bespoke dashboards in Power BI desktop without having any issues with the allowed API\’s calls per day limitations.

Power BI Desktop is built to gather data from many different sources, mash up the data using the Power BI desktop tools to create visual business insights. The Desktop product is amazing once you understand the basics.

There is no need to complicate the process by introducing another loop such as Clear Jelly, especially for SME\’s. In addition what you are sugggesting will increase the cost to develop the dashboards and is taking a step backwards xero desktop application – xero desktop application terms of technology advancement.

I am sorry you are xero desktop application – xero desktop application agitated by my success in creating visuals without the need to use clearjelly. I am not sure which website you are referring to since my website does not have any spelling errrors.

Kelly also shares Power BI Community updates. Power BI. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Connecting to Xero data from Desktop application?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this? Thank you, Ryan. Labels: Labels: Need Help. Message 1 of Hello All, Microsoft has released a Xero connector on Качество windows 10 xbox 360 controller blinking free download бесполезно which is on preview mode waiting for customer feedback.

You can create a free Azure account and test it It is working fine but it has a few issues. Message 36 of Message 35 of Message 9 of In response to jllau Anyway, couple of questions. What are you expecting the reporting to do for you? Are you trying to generate reports for a really big organisation or a small нажмите чтобы прочитать больше How many transactions are you expecting to come through each week?

Does it need to be fully automated or would it be okay to have an extract run? Kudos always appreciated.



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