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Other browsers Chrome Firefox Edge Opera. Learn more. PowerShell Modules. NET Framework 4. User Manual Remote Desktop Manager Datasheet. Use [View. Lock window size] to prevent the window from being resized by dragging the frame. Caution: Connected servers can receive focus from keyboard navigation of the thumbnail view. It is not always obvious which server has focus, so be careful. There is a setting to control this: [Display Settings.

Allow thumbnail session interaction]. Multiple monitors can be spanned if enabled by the monitor spanning option. You can find the full list of Terminal Services shortcut keys here. Some of these can be configured from the Hot Keys tab. The top-level unit of organization in RDCMan is a remote desktop file group. Servers can\’t live outside of a group and groups can\’t live outside of a file.

A group contains a list of servers and configuration information such as logon credentials. Configuration settings can be inherited from another group or the application defaults. Groups can be nested but are homogenous: a group may either contain groups or servers, but not both. All the servers in a group can be connected or disconnected at once.

When a group is selected in the tree view, the servers underneath it are displayed in a thumbnail view. The thumbnails can show the actual server windows or simply the connection status. Global thumbnail view properties can be adjusted via the [Tools. Smart groups are populated dynamically based on a set of rules. All ancestors of sibiling groups of the smart group are eligible for inclusion. When a server is in the connected state, it is automatically added the to Connected virtual group.

Servers cannot be explicitly added or removed from the Connected group. There are sometimes situations where a server disconnects and will be intentionally offline for an unspecified length of time, e. When this is the case, drag the server in question to the Reconnect group. RDCMan will continually attempt to connect to the server until it is successful. The Favorites virtual group is a flat file of your favorite servers. You can add any server from the server tree. This is helpful when you have many servers in the tree and often work with a handful of servers from different groups.

The Connect To Virtual Group contains the servers that are not members of user-created groups. See Ad Hoc Connections for details. The Connect To group is visible while ad hoc connections exist and disappears when there are none. A server has a server name the computer\’s network name or IP address , an optional display name, and logon information. The logon information may be inherited from another group. Servers can be imported into a group from a text file.

The file format is simply one server name per line:. All servers are imported into the same group with the same preferences. If a server is imported that has the same name as an existing server, the existing server\’s preferences are updated to the new ones. Ad hoc server connections can be created via the [Session.

Connect to] feature. These servers will be added to the Connect To Virtual Group. From there they can be converted into real servers by moving them to a user-created group. In the [Connection Settings] tab, enter the role name and role instance name into Load balance config as described here e.

Certain key combinations and Windows actions can be tricky to perform over the remote session–particularly when RDCMan itself is started within a remote session–e. These are available from the [Session. Send keys] and [Session. Remote actions] menu items. The [Tool. Options] menu item brings up the Options Dialog. The Splashtop and AnyDesk systems are listed separately here below. Atera customers get all of the functionality described in those two reviews.

The full Atera package includes a Help Desk system. This includes a framework for creating a customer portal , to which you can add your own branding — or that of your client. The portal includes options for self-managed password reset, a knowledge base, and a ticket-raising service.

Other parts of the Atera Help Desk system include automated ticket routing, a team manager supervision console, and dashboards for technicians into which the AnyDesk and Splashtop services fit. Atera includes a password locker that distributes credentials confidentially. All connections to client endpoints are protected by bit AES encryption. Atera is a SaaS platform and is charged for by subscription.

There are three plans available and the first of these does not include AnyDesk. All plans include Splashtop. Payment plans are monthly and yearly, with the annual plan working out cheaper per month. You get a lot more than just a connection manager with the Atera package and you can examine the whole bundle with a day free trial. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is a package of services that are needed by support technicians. Apart from a remote desktop viewer, this bundle gives you diagnostic tools.

The remote access system is able to manage connections to remote devices running Windows, macOS, and Linux. For example, it is possible to view a command prompt view as well as the desktop. The panel also offers a chat window for communication with the user of the device that is being accessed. The Free version is the same as the Professional edition but limited to accessing 10 devices. The Standard edition includes remote access systems and the Professional and Free editions add on diagnostic tools.

This package is available as a cloud-based service or it can be downloaded for installation on Windows Server. You can assess Remote Access Plus with a day free trial.

The remote view gives access to the Desktop or the operating system and the interface for the console includes tabbed sessions. This allows the technician to switch between concurrent live sessions connected to several machines at once.

The software installs on Windows. Royal TS is available in free and paid versions and it is a good choice for technicians working for small businesses. This is a secure remote connection system with encryption for connections and an attractive console that runs on Windows. The service is able to connect to remote endpoints running Windows , macOS , iOS , and Android , so this is a good choice for IT departments that need to operate a UEM strategy that includes mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

The dashboard of the viewer is tabbed, allowing multiple simultaneous sessions that can be connected to devices with different operating systems. The system is designed for teams of technicians and it includes work distribution and team collaboration features. The free version of Royal TS is called Lite and it is limited to maintaining connections for ten devices.

The paid version has a one-off purchase price that is levied per user. Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager is offered in free and paid versions. This is a very comprehensive service that can access desktops, servers, IoT devices, and cloud resources for maintenance and troubleshooting. The main difference between the two versions is that the paid version, called Enterprise , includes team management functions. Both versions can be used by businesses. The Devolutions system requires two elements: a viewer, and a remote agent.

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Free remote desktop connection manager for windows 10

Try this system free remote desktop connection manager for windows 10 a day free trial to test its remote desktop facilities. It saves all the connection details in its main window every time you need to remotely connect to a specific computer. Cons: Multi-user features can be clunky читать далее may slow down teams working on enterprise-level networks. This type of service lets someone access the Desktop of a remote computer and either use it as though it were local or control the input system, getting a view on the sesktop that the user sees.


Free remote desktop connection manager for windows 10

It contains options for the file\’s group name, shows the full path to the file which can\’t be edited , and has a comment field. This comprehensive process allows us to set a status for any downloadable file as follows:. A remote desktop connection manager is a program that allows you to handle remote desktop administration for all of your connections and sessions.

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