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Are notifications or pop-ups annoying when they appear on the computer screen when you are working or playing games? You can choose to turn off notifications in Windows 11 disahle avoid trouble. Here is how to stop Windows 11 notification pop-ups. You can know the up-to-date things on your system via notifications that come from applications or directly from your PC. But sometimes, notifications heap up and cause clutter, especially for constant notifications that are regular.

When you are concentrating on working or playing games, notifications may interfere with you. Turning off notifications is a good way in these situations. In this post, you downlload know multiple ways to disable Windows 11 notifications. If you want to get some notifications without too much interruption, you windows 10 disable notifications in game free download customize the Notifications option downlooad clicking the drop-down menu and check the boxes that you want to get notifications from.

If you want to disable notifications from specific apps, you can also easily achieve dksable aim. Before you do, make sure the Notifications option is enabled.

If you click a specific app or sender, you can disable the notification banner or let notifications from it not show in the notification center. Uncheck the boxes of Show notification banners and Show notifications in notification center. Also, you can set the priority of notifications for a specific app.

Just click windows 10 disable notifications in game free download app in Notificationschoose the app and scroll down to the Priority of notification in notification center section.

When you want to avoid distracting notifications, you can use the Focus Assist feature in the system. By default, it is set to activate automatically under certain conditions.

Here is all the information on how to turn off notifications in Windows Just follow the ways in this post to easily disable Windows 11 notifications. If you have any ideas, leave a comment below to let us know. In her notificaitons times, she likes shopping, playing games and reading some articles. Follow a Full Guide! Tip: This post focuses on turning off notifications in Windows Tip: Читать далее windows 10 disable notifications in game free download want to disable suggested notifications in Windows 11, go to Notifications in the System page, scroll down to uncheck the options of Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device and Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows.

Tip: Notifkcations you choose Priority onlyclick Customize priority list notificattions, and manage downlpad apps show notifications. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit. About The Author. Vera Follow us. User Comments : Post Comment.



How to Turn off Notifications in Windows 11? Follow a Full Guide! – Disable the Notifications for any Apps in Windows 10


If you find notifications annoying, you can easily Turn OFF Notifications from Apps and other senders in Windows 10 or disable Notifications for individual Apps on your computer. Apps and desktop programs installed on your computer are allowed to display notifications and badges using Windows Notification System and also by using Custom Notification System.

In addition to App Notifications, Windows 10 displays informatory notifications for Microsoft Products and Services, which can also be disabled. In the right-pane, move the toggle next to Get notifications from apps and other senders to OFF position.

This will disable Notifications for all the Apps installed on your computer, including Windows 10 Store Apps and traditional desktop Apps. You can also disable notifications for selected individual apps, while allowing notifications from other Apps that you find useful.

While this method disables traditional Windows Notifications, Apps using custom notifications may continue to push notifications to your computer. If you are still getting notifications from such apps, you will have to disable them by opening the App and disabling notifications in the App Settings screen. In addition to Notifications from Apps, you will find Windows 10 offering you Tips, Suggestions and information about various Microsoft products and services. In the right-pane, uncheck Show me Windows welcome experience and Get tips, tricks and suggestions.

In the right-pane, uncheck Show Notifications on the lock screen option. Click on Lock Screen in the left-pane. To disable Lock Screen Notifications from specific Apps, click on the App from which you want to disable Notifications and select None option in the little pop-up that appears. As you must have noticed, certain Taskbar icons display animated badges or numbers.

You can follow the steps below to disable Badges on the Taskbar Icons. Click on Taskbar in left-pane. In the right-pane, disable Show Badges on Taskbar buttons option. When you access the System Tray on your computer, you may find certain Apps displaying Notification Badges. When you pull System Tray Apps to Taskbar, they will stop displaying animated badges, but will still continue to Run in the Background.

Right-click on the Start button and click on Run. Type regedit in Run Command window and click on OK. Name this newly created Registry Key as Explorer. Name this New value as DisableNotificationCenter. When your computer restarts, you will no longer find Action Center icon appearing in the Notification Area of the taskbar.

If you change your mind, you can enable Notification and Action Center back on your computer at any time by changing DisableNotificationCenter Value Data to 0. Disable Notifications in Windows 10 Apps and desktop programs installed on your computer are allowed to display notifications and badges using Windows Notification System and also by using Custom Notification System.

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