Chrome keeps freezing windows 10 2019 free. How to Fix Chrome Crashing on Windows 10

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Chrome keeps freezing windows 10 2019 free

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As when sandbox is disabled, Google Chrome browser becomes vulnerable to attacks and malicious content. David Darlington staff Editor. This is another effective way to fix chrome crashes, freezes, and many other problems. Or sometimes while browsing, opening a tab, loading a page or downloading It end up with a message — Google Chrome has stopped working. After this, Chrome should start working normally again. Click this to see the list and remove the applications from your computer.

Google Chrome Slow, Not perform well on Windows 10? Try these solutions


Restart Google Chrome and check if there is still an issue. Our next step is to check the extensions or plugins which are installed on our browser. Sometimes we keep extensions which are no more useful for us. An extension from the untrusted provider can also cause the problem to our browser.

To do this, follow the steps given below:. This will help your chrome in a more released way. Try removing all the extension, just to check whether it is actually a problem with extensions. Due to sudden shutdowns of Chrome browser, your user profile data might get corrupted. If the user data does not load as it should be, then there could be crashes in your browser.

You have to go to within the storage files of Chrome inside your File Manager. A detailed guide for this is given below:. This troubleshooting fixes most of the crashing and Freezing problems in Chrome. Chrome will restart from the beginning without any history, bookmarks. Check Chrome again if the problem is solved. The security zone is a function used by Internet Explorer, but its settings are applicable for other browsers too.

It is used to block the download of codes from untrusted websites. These settings sometimes changed by some software you install on your system. Reset them with the settings given below. This is another effective way to fix chrome crashes, freezes, and many other problems. Restart your browser again and check if the problem gets solved.

It might be an issue with the settings. Restore the settings to their defaults so that all the setting troubles get solved. Chrome has an inbuilt feature to reset the settings and cleaning up the computer. These are advanced featured available on google chrome for troubleshooting. You can try these to solve your problems.

An outdated version of any software can cause problem into its functionality. Update you chrome browser with the steps given below. This is a solution especially if Chrome giving an error of Not Responding. It can be your DNS cache issue. To clear them, you have to run some commands in Command Prompt or Powershell. These harmful components can badly affect other sides of your pc. So, use Windows Defender or any other good Anti-Malware tool to find and remove them from your pc.

SFC scan is performed to check file issues and to file a corrupt file. Hardware acceleration is a feature that offloads heavy work to another component instead of your CPU. Often, this hands graphical tasks off to your GPU. Enabling this can help Chrome run more smoothly, but it can also cause issues in some cases.

If none of these steps help you, you might have to consider reinstalling your Google Chrome browser. To do so:. Also sometimes corrupted system files may affect system and app performance. And that may be causing the chrome browser to slow down. Run DISM restore health command and system file checker utility that automatically detects and restores missing system files with the correct one.

Restart Windows and check if Windows 10 and Chrome browser performs well. Did these solutions help to fix Google chrome problems on Windows 10? Let us know on the comments below, also read:. Windows 11 Update Failed or stuck?

May Cumulative Updates available for Windows 8. Windows 10 update KB failed to install error code 0xca. Windows 10 update failed to install error 0xca00a Lets fix it. Windows 10 June Patch Tuesday updates available for download. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We\’ll assume you\’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More. Try these solutions.


Chrome keeps freezing on Windows 10 – Microsoft Community.Fix Chrome on Windows 10 Crashing/Freezing/Not Responding


Unfortunately, in the last few days a serious issue has started to severely affect my experience with Windows I am not aware of any changes having been made immediately before everything started but I have tried to do one thing to solve it. First things first. Maybe a week ago, probably more like days, something odd started happening: Sometimes, while watching YouTube videos in my Chrome browser, the video would stop and I\’d be unable to click anything.

Changing tabs would result in me seeing a completely white page, changing back in the same. By chance, I found out that disconnecting my internet whether over the task bar icon or with the shortcut for Airplane Mode and reconnecting, everything is magically fixed and Chrome works again.

Unfortunately, the thread was never revisited and nobody else seems to ever have experienced the same. The steps given in the one reply did not help me. The issue sometimes does not arise for hours at a time, other times there is hardly a few minutes without everything freezing up. I read somewhere else for a similar problem that it might be Chrome compatibility problems with the network driver, even though nothing changed in that regard no recent Windows updates.

However, I did manually search for a Wi-Fi driver update, of which there was one available that I did download. No recognizable change. So, for the past few days, I was somewhat content with that idea and just thought the issue is probably going to be fixed soon. However, today I got frustrated and tested a few things. Should I, to see what happens?

Firefox, where I\’m typing this up right now, simply does not load anything when this issue occurs, i. Working on an open page or changing tabs, however, does indeed work still. Which led me to the conclusion Chrome can\’t be the culprit and I\’m better off asking for help at Microsoft.

Other programs seem to work fine, simply having no internet access for the time being, I have no other browsers in use right now to test their behavior. Without any video running but Chrome being open , when searching for the link I provided above, I noticed the issue has been occurring while I was writing the start of this post.

So it seems to be independent from Chrome usage and my first impression of videos being the cause also appears to be false.

One more thing I just realized might be connected, while I thought it was my Fritz! Box: In maybe 2 weeks leading to this frustrating state of my laptop, I had a more or less recurring issue of internet connection becoming super slow, as in just like Firefox now, pages taking forever to load, seemingly never loading.

I fixed this also, always once at a time, by disconnecting from my network as well as turning off my laptop\’s Wi-Fi for ten seconds. Afterwards, internet would be fine again. This happened pretty irregularly and mostly at night, so I believed it to be an issue with my Fritz!

Box or the ISP, of which I\’ve had countless. Now I feel like I should mention it, just in case. I strongly doubt the whole deal even now is cause by the Box, though. This is everything I can think of right now, I\’ll make sure to update this thread if anything comes to mind. The obligatory Malwarebytes scan is still running, even though I doubt it\’s a Malware issue.

Thanks for any help, it\’s really appreciated. This is driving me insane, mostly because my old desktop computer also has a very distinct Wi-Fi issue that nobody ever managed to solve, so I hope this laptop is not forever disabled as well.

Could not believe myself that i will really finish reading what you\’ve just wrote! Lol Hands Clapping. But this is serious. I once had this issue with google chrome before.

I, still, am running 64bit version of Windows 10, and knowing that the default available version of Chrome is just 32bit version, and yes, it is working with my PC.

Yes, I was able to install the x64 of chrome, it run really well and made me think that the problem is now gone. Thinking back when i still have the x32, when freezes, the whole internet that i am trying to download –Yes I am downloading the whole internet– will fluctuate. It will not work for a moment and will comeback later. This happens regardless if i am watching Videos in Chrome, but hang-on, I am downloading stuffs, right?

Start observing Chrome, which i later found out that he is innocent. And because i am frustrated, i just used my Android phone to use the Internet. Now –here– it is made clear. The internet in my Phone started to fluctuate to. Making it short.

There is something wrong with my Connection. Called the ISP and they sent me techs who later figured out the my i mean their Modem is already Burned.

So they replaced it and the Internet became Happy. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn\’t help. First off, congrats for making it through. I just thought whoever might be able to help me would benefit from as much detail as I can possibly remember. Secondly, sorry for the delayed answer, yesterday I saw that I had answers but for some reason the page wouldn\’t display them, no matter what I did.

So you\’re saying you had a similar problem and it was actually your modem? I mean, with all the crap I\’ve been through with these things, I wouldn\’t put it beyond them. Oddly enough, right since I\’ve typed this question, the freezing issue has not occurred a single time, therefore the net getting extremely slow one did. So that does hint at either the network or something network related on the laptop being at fault I suppose.

The problem is that there are several other devices partly from other people connected to the same network and I haven\’t heard anyone else experiencing such issues. Yes, it boiled down to my modem being old to perform its tasks. On my understanding, it seems that I had the same issue before.

Just more than a month ago. Try to spend some time with your ISP\’s support team and observe your connection while they\’re monitoring it on their end.

You can add this to your Observation: On cmd. So, for some reason, the problem simply disappeared since I\’ve last posted here. Still had the odd occurrence of having videos stop mid-play and internet not working until I turn my wi-fi off and on again on the laptop but the annoying Chrome freezes were gone. Now today suddenly so far four times videos in full screen have gotten stuck again while sound kept playing.

There\’s a significant difference to before, though, as the video freezes and internet does not work on other tabs, however those tabs do actually display properly and only the initial tab now shows completely blank when I get back to it without turning off my wi-fi. No idea if that is any help in figuring out what is the cause of this strange behavior. Nothing has changed as far as my settings etc. What Gina suggested was installing a different version of Chrome.

The problem I have with that or general new installs is that I have personalized my Chrome browser to a decent extent and reconfiguring everything is something of a last resort step. Given that my issue is not focused on Chrome I feel like it is probably not the culprit here. I have a cell phone and a tablet as well as an older desktop computer who are all on the same network without any problems outside of normal crappy connection stuff that just happens in rural areas , same goes for everyone else that is using the network.

Add to that that our ISP is not very supportive when called. Please call support of the producers of those\” which in turn leads to nothing either. They tried to sell as an internet plan that has amazing speed but limited download rate and the \”helpful\” support person explained how that was not a problem with online gaming and streaming Netflix etc.

As if the modems made any distinction there. So I could certainly call them but I doubt the paid for call would last more than a few minutes and result in anything more than \”Is this affecting anybody else or any other devices?

Well, then you should probably contact the manufacturer of your device or Windows support, I don\’t see how the issue would lie with us. So, bottom line, if you recommend me installing Chrome x64 why does Google even auto-install the 32bit version if there are compatibility issues with the nowadays far more common 64bit processor devices and there is a perfectly functioning 64bit version?

I will try it and check if the issue returns, otherwise I\’m open for different suggestions. Sorry for the late reply, been kinda busy last week partially involving the laptop, though, so it wasn\’t lack of internet usage that led to the issue not occurring and did not think of checking this thread regularly.

Thanks for the help. Edit: Gotta love this. Just happened again, this time text book with every screen but the video screen blank. What the heck. I\’m having similar issues, which seem to be related mostly with the display. Everything locks up, though sound will continue usually. I can even keep on typing and it\’ll all pop up whenever the display starts working again, usually about 10 seconds or so, but sometimes as long as almost a minute. The cursor will usually still move around, but nothing is responsive on the display.

This was quite obviously a result of the upgrade on around the 11th. I have my machine set to let me decide if I want to restart, but this one told me it would restart in about 20 min.

I couldn\’t find any way to stop it, in spite of the fact that I as in the middle of working with someone out of state. After the forced restart, the display started consistently freezing. I\’ve tried restarting several times, with no observable improvements. This machine is super robust, allowing me to have many tabs, browsers and apps going at once, and still letting me watch videos without a hitch.


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