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The excellent graphical details that DID is famous for are more breathtaking and smoother than ever in this underdog.

The scenery does not magically bend and distort as you fly closer to it. Numerous details, such as diamond shock-waves from the afterburners as well as visual distortion from the heat, are accurately modelled in the game. You can even see the cockpit glow from the external view. From the pilot\’s seat, you can zoom out and get a wide angle look at the instrument panel, HUD, and terrain. You can even see yourself reflected in the cockpit\’s canopy!

Cloud tops are true to life and reveal a cobalt blue sky that darkens with altitude. Missiles or planes that strike the water make plumes of white mist, not repetitive and unrealistic orange explosions a la Wing Commander.

Even the runway environment is accurate, as are the runway lights. The game world is more dynamic and varied than previous DID games. Combat can take place at night, day, storm or clear. You have a small but comprehensive range of wingmen commands for combat, formation flying, tactical and recovery.

Training missions have been well laid out and they are recommended although I can never get the hang of in-flight refuelling. Tactics do make a difference in this game, as you have the choice to influence the outcome of the campaigns based on your performance. In every respect, Super EF is a must-have for every serious flight sim fan. It\’s a sadly forgotten underdog that is worthy of our Hall of Belated Fame, and will keep armchair pilots happy for months on end. Two thumbs up, way up!

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During each day of the campaign, news feeds appear in text and video form chronicling events as they unfold. The player chooses six pilots from a roster of ten to stop the inevitable Russian invasion of Iceland. Each pilot possesses his or her own unique personality, talents and survivability skills, which must be taken into account when determining the overall strategy. For example, choosing all combat air patrol pilots might be the best way to gain air superiority.

Or perhaps a pilot is awaiting rescue or being reprimanded or even escaping from jail. Waiting up to ten minutes to fly a mission can task one\’s patience, but there is plenty of work to do once in the cockpit. Ducking behind mountains, dodging SAMS and having snowball fights with anti-aircraft units all contribute to the fun.

The flight model felt good, the enemy AI made formidable opponents and the damage modeling was very well done. The game models the Typhoon\’s advanced weapons such as the Alarm missile, the anti-radar missile that homes in on SAM sites.

With many weapons, hitting targets often became a difficult chore as with the Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missiles.

I soon learned that knocking out a mobile ground target always required exactly two Brimstones hits. Many of the aircraft\’s advanced features turned up missing in action such as radar modes, advanced autopilot modes and aspects of weapons guidance. Yet some were assumed to be present, but automated. For example, the player hears the electronic counter measures chaff and flares fire automatically instead of manually as in past DID sims. Also, the game designers may take a bit of license in assuming that tomorrow\’s cruise missiles will have evasive capabilities.

However, what other game has even attempted to model cruise missiles? New are Touch and Go where players start in the air and touch the base to arm, and Typhoon Racer in which pilots race and shoot like an airborne Interstate Internet play does not seem to be highly promoted. Perhaps Eurofighter Typhoon\’s greatest hope for longevity is in LAN play, especially if future missions are released. The exterior of the Typhoon itself is the best-looking model I have seen in any flight game.

Shiny reflections emanate from the canopy glass. Areas of damage on the Typhoon show charring and sometimes missing exterior parts. Inside the cockpit is a different story. I miss the clean look and interactivity of the TAW panels.

The pilot can move around freely in any direction but there just doesn\’t seem to be much to do in there. Apart from simulating the still upcoming Eurofighter, EF introduced the world to WarGen, a dynamic campaign generator. Six years later the Eurofighter, now officially called the Eurofighter Typhoon, still hasn\’t gone into production and Digital Image Design has been bought by Rage has been bought by Infogrames that lived in the house the Jacques built.

To tide the rest of us over until we can actually get some stick time in a real Typhoon, Rage developed a new sim to showcase the awesome power and technology of Europe\’s most ambitious military jet project. The slogan of the Typhoon is \”Any aircraft, any mission.

Or at least it will be as soon as it goes into regular production within the next few years. The game itself is set in when, presumably, the Typhoon will be in standard service across several nations in Europe. In this particular case, you\’ll be defending Iceland from a Russian invasion. The new systems in the Typhoon make it somewhat forgiving. The game takes things a few steps further by streamlining the flight model and removing some of the \”superfluous\” controls.

A list of the keyboard shortcuts could be written on your Golden Corral receipt. The lack of rudder control is most distressing, even if you aren\’t a hardcore sim junkie. The Typhoon does use a rudder, but it\’s up to the plane\’s own AI to determine when and how to apply it. This makes lining up your shots a little trickier but you do eventually get used to it. There also doesn\’t seem to be any weight or stress modeling at all.

The difference in flight characteristics between a fully loaded and an empty Typhoon are negligible, and when you\’re pulling 7. Still, the game does a great job of damage modeling once the shooting starts. Visual signs and performance penalties are the consequence of getting too close to the bullets. The game succeeds very well at making an arcade-style flight model seem realistic however.

The balance between what works and shouldn\’t and what doesn\’t work and should is right on the money. While some, including me, would\’ve liked more control over some aspects of flight, Typhoon was never really positioned as the next F anyway.

But the real strength of the game is the campaign mode Like the upcoming Lock-On, Typhoon generates an entire battle off your own actions. It begins with several missions surrounding an attempt by the Russians to secure a beachhead.

Languages :. Publisher: Funbox Media Ltd. Share Embed. Read Critic Reviews. Add to Cart. Bundle info. Add to Account. View Community Hub. You will take over the destiny of 6 pilots, each with his own skills and abilities, in real time. Take your part in a fascinating scenario with a lot of missions and objectives to achieve! Every steering aspect has been simplified to make this game handable for every one. Eurofighter Typhoon is a simulator game advised to hardcore players who already have played other simulator games and to beginners!

Features A visual and sonorous atmosphere which are part of the game, with sound themes adjusted to every situations and impeccable sets and planes modeling. A fascinating scenario, with breaking news on radio to keep you aware of the fight evolution! A great lifetime: training mission, two campaign modes, a multiplayer mode. A game for every fan of simulation and for beginners! See all. View all. Click here to see them. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:.

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